This morning-ish, I was juggling headphones, iPod, scarf, hat, satchel and extra bag on the bus, as well as trying to text, and unbeknownst to me, I managed to drop my phone on the bus.

When I got into work, I had a message on my answerphone from my mum, saying that she’d got a call from someone who had my cellphone, and that I should call my number to arrange a pick-up. Right now I’d like to take a moment to say that everyone really should have an ICE (in case of emergency) number saved into their phone, it really makes everything much more awesome.

So I called my phone, and a lovely girl answered, and after a brief freakout ("You’ve got my phone and you’re in Taranaki???? Ooooooh, Taranaki STREET!") I arranged to grab it off her at the railway station this afternoon. I bought some chocolate, and met her, she gave me my phone, I gave her the chocolate, and she told me that this morning getting off the train she’d dropped her phone, and someone had called out to her about it. Yay happy karma!

Anyway, my point is, this story is full of happy goodness. I mean, you can only imagine how many top secret Wellingtonista secrets and dirty photos that my phone contains. I’m so glad I got it back so easily, and I hope that you will all consider doing a good deed tomorrow as well. Wahoo.