What are you doing on Saturday? How about you go on a treasure hunt to find me* yourself a diamond ring? iChild on twitter explains it:

So, what’s this all about then?? Story goes, guy bought ring for girl, girl didn’t want ring. Guy couldn’t give it to another, and doesn’t want to sell it. Guy also happens to be the guy behind Donoogle.com …Guy decides that rather than just having this ring sitting around, he would create a treasure hunt around Wellington to give away said ring and use it at the same time to promote this choice website which everyone should use!

So if you want to participate, you should start following donoogle_com. It does seem a little bit astroturfy to my eyes, but hey, treasure hunts are always fun. Especially if you do it dressed up as a pirate. Or a panda.

*(Although I must state for the record that I would rather have a single diamond on my ring, and I’d like it to be aproximately the size of my fist, thanks.)