This Friday June 5 is World Environment Day, and in our fairy capital city, and in other spots around the coutry hundreds of people will “freeze” together to show united action for climate change.

The Freeze is set to kick off at 1pm for just five minutes.

Right now the location is all secret squirrel, but stay tuned

Nick Potter, Personal Assistant to Mr Freeze and lead co-ordinator of a team of volunteers, says

“If there was ever a time for you to get involved – it’s now. 2009 is a crucial year of action and in December, a new global climate treaty will be negotiated in Copenhagen. We need to come together and send the message that global agreement is essential and that bold and urgent action is needed.”

And look you can even check out last year’s freeze, on the you tube.

I’m thinking standing in the middle of the road is not the most ideal place to freeze, so as the girl guides used to say, be prepared.

People can join the Freeze and find out more at