What a week to look forward to!

Tuesday 9th: Pecha Kucha at the OPT from 6:30pm. We love these nights, and this time they’ve got writers, artists, cartoonists and landscape architects (among others) in the line-up. Those with a practical interest in street art might have to rush there from the At Large planning meeting at Manky Chops, which starts at 5:30.

Wednesday 10th: Artist Matt Hunt (aka Ace Hurt from Cortina) launches his new exhibition at Peter McLeavey gallery at 5:30pm (link for Facebook types). The title "Dreaming of a New Heaven and Earth and the Eternal Nightmare of Hades" makes one wonder just what to expect from the after-party at Mighty Mighty.

Thursday 11th: Did someone say "Burlesque"? Oh, right, we did.

Friday 12th: If you’re planning to go to Fly My Pretties, you’ll no doubt have had this night booked well in advance. Otherwise: it’s Friday! Enivrez-vous!

Saturday 13th: More flying prettiness, with a Matinee as well as the evening gig. But if you prefer your pretties more earthbound, and think that feathers are best used for fan dancing, bring your pencils along to Dr Sketchy’s life drawing class at Mighty Mighty at 4pm.

Sunday 14th: The much-hyped City Market finally opens at Chaffers Dock. The hours (8:30am-12:30pm) might not appeal to night owls, but their Twitter feed suggests that there’ll be plenty to tempt us out of bed.