We have a guest post for you by the voluble Anna Jane Wilson who also likes hats, boots, coats and scarves.

My goodness, it’s already July – I can’t quite believe we’re halfway through our Roman calendars, but all evidence says – 10 July 2009. July, albeit cold and windy in this wonderful city, is going to be a large one.

The four main things that keep me warm in winter are jazz, walking, films, and dance. I’m new to Wellington, but apparently this city has a lot of jazz, thus, my soul will be kept very warm.

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New Orleans Dinner Club on Allen street has some tasty offerings.

  • Thursday New Orleans Jazz Nights – sax, trumpet, guitar
  • Friday – live music from Charlie Kurtz & Local Jazz Heroes – Ray Tamaira on drums, Rory McCartney on bass, Dayle Jellyman on piano, Greg Rogan on sax, flute, clarinet & Charlie Kurtz of course on vocals
  • Twice a month – Wellington Heads blues on Friday New Orleans Dinner Club, 25 Allen St, www.neworleans.co.nz


As far as walking goes, there are innumerable wilderness walks not far from the city centre, but these sound pretty fun as far as guilded walks go:

  • Botanic Garden Glow in the Dark glow-worm tour Friday 24 July, 7.30pm – Meet at the Founders’ entrance, Glenmore St $5 for adults, children under 12 free
  • Botanic Garden Walk – Ships and Trees Monday 27 July, 10am – Meet at the duck pond – koha/donation

Just found out there’s free community yoga classes if you have student ID or a community services card. Yay! Wednesdays 10-11am Yoga in Daily Life Centre, 21 Jessie St.


The New Zealand film festival is running July 17 to August 2 so buy your tickets before the films you want to see sell out. May I recommend booking in leave during this time? Holidays spent at home in the warm are environmentally friendly, easy on the pocket, and great for our local economy. Anyway, I want to see Ponyo and Coco before Chanel, and Four Nights with Anna, and, and…

The Japanese Festival Day with food market, sushi workshop, and tea ceremony will be held at the Town Hall Auditorium, Saturday 11 July, 1.30-7pm. I am a huge fan of all thinks Japan-ey, there’s taiko drumming,a traditional and modern Japanese fashion show, dance performances, Japanese puppeteers, help make NZ’s longest sushi, or try writing your own haiku! I am full of awe.

There’s also the Music Fair of Japan Friday 10 July-Saturday 11 July, 7pm-8.30pm at the Town Hall, Ilott Theatre, and the Friend to Friend Exhibition, Monday 6 July-Saturday 11 July, 9am-5pm at the Michael Fowler Centre, Fletcher Challenge Foyer.

Email Tom Yuan at tom.yuan@wcc.govt.nz for more information.


There’s the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Meridian Season of La Sylphide to look forward to – with sets from the Australian Ballet to recreate the Scottish Highlands. The story is about a young Scottish groom, lured away by a tree faerie (sylph) the night before his wedding. I was sold with the fairy idea, but apparently there’s witches too! It features the Vector Wellington Orchestra. $36-$120 for tickets