The Graffography and Wgtn Wall Street graffiti blogs noticed that the Wellington City Council’s anti-graffiti posters (you know, these ones) had illustrated the evil graffiti by using a photo collage of actual non-illegal graffiti.

Wgtn Wall Street says:

My man over at Graffography first alerted me to the work by Drypnz and Random being used in the campaign, artwork that broke no law and was now put under a negative spotlight by the Council.

So then Wgtn Wall Street emailed the council with his concerns.

They were apologetic and apparently the ‘photographer’ didn’t know that the work used in the campaign was deemed legal. They agreed to remove the work from future campaigns but god knows how many posters, stickers etc that have already printed and not to mention the amount of money wasted on a poorly researched scheme.

It doesn’t reflect so well on the council. Their anti-illegal-graffiti campaign seems to demonstrate that they don’t actually know what they’re fighting.