Well WOW’s 21st is officially over, although the decorations from the party are still up with the frufru pink tutu posters adorning bus stops around Welly.  Now is the time to cash up, make assessments and ask the perennial question: Fab or Fug? 

Last year a Wellingtonian took out the top spot with a leather warrior bird queen that was truly a-may-zing, go the home team!  This year the supreme gong went to Alaskan David Walker for his entry ‘Lady of the Wood‘, made entirely of wood (even the curly blonde wig was made from wood shavings).  David is a carpenter by trade and has made the long trip from Alaska for the last three years to enter WOW.  Wellingtonians Hayley May and Fiona Christie won the runner up to the Montana Supreme Award and the top prize in the Gen-i Creative Excellence Award section, themed "fold" this year, with an entry entitled ‘Second Skin‘.

For the Wellingtonista, WOW season is a chance for us to frock up, drink plenty of the sponsor’s best and observe the goings on in the media room; rubbing shoulders with old friends in new media and the serious established media types who have deadlines and paychecks that stop the wine and glamour from going to their heads.  The organisational heft involved in putting on such a show is truly something and we would love to have gander at rehearsals next year, after all who doesn’t love a backstage pass.

To honour all of the sweat, strategising and ink spilled on WOW on the occasion of its 21st birthday we would like to give some linky-love to what others have written about this year’s show.

Let us know of any other interesting angles on this year’s WOW, did your Aunt Camilla come to Welly especially?  Did you go yourself?  Would you like to submit a WOW bingo board (in the spirit of hipster bingo) for us to take next year?

Let us know in the comments.