Altmusic is proud to present Chris Watson, a founding member of influential experimental music groups Cabaret Voltaire and The Hafler Trio.

Watson is now one of the world’s leading sound recordists specialising in capturing the sounds of wildlife and natural phenomena, and he currently records for and makes programmes for BBC Radio 4’s Natural History Unit.

In 2006 Watson was awarded an honorary Doctor of Technology by the University of the West of England "in recognition of his outstanding contribution to sound recording technology, especially in the field of natural history and documentary location sound."

Chris Watson puts his microphone where you can’t put your ears.

In a performance you might hear the unearthly groaning of an Icelandic glacier or the voices and rhythms of the Humboldt current around the Galapagos Islands.

Tomorrow night, you will experience a Live Soundmap of Red Rocks as recorded by Watson and a team of local recordists.

Chris Watson at the Adam Art Gallery
Saturday 10th October at 8 pm, $10
Workshop at Fred’s at 4 pm, earlier the same afternoon

For more information about Chris Watson’s extensive audio career: