Voted by you the public as winner in the Smarten Your Snapper competition is Wave by Yana from Chromatophobic.

Yana wins a Snapper loaded with $100 and a free table at Craft2.0 this Saturday.

One of the great things about this cover is its see-through nature, especially useful with both red and green Snapper cards out in the wild.


Yana designed the cover and then using the Laser cutter at ponoko she whipped this nifty cover up using 0.3mm polypropylene – and you thought polypropylene was just for warm clothes!

Voting was extremly close so we awarded a prize to the runner-up Amy from Bad Animals and her Pirate Patch. Amy will receive a free table at Craft2.0 this saturday.

Pirate Patch on JacketPirate Patch on Bag

Pirate Patch Back

Amy wanted to create a cover that offers convenience and accessibility. Something you can pin on the sleeve of your jacket, your bag – wherever you want – so you don’t have to go digging around in your handbag or pocket to tag on and off. It has the extra bonus of looking a bit badass too!

We just loved the flexibility this cover offers as you can have it anywhere on your person or bag.


Our voter prize goes to Jem Yoshioka. Jem is a Wellington based graphic artist and you can find out more about her and her creations over at her website. Jem gets $50 in Craft Cash to spend at Craft2.0 this Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who crafted and voted. This was a fun competition to run and hopefully everyone is now a little inspired to smarten their Snapper, or get in contact with a crafter for a custom cover.

Stay tuned – you never know when the Wellingtonista, Snapper and Craft2.0 might dream up something else for you to dive into!