While buzzing around Courtenay Place recently, I noticed that the Sports Café was closed for renovations. A sign said something like "Don’t worry" (and I didn’t) "we’ll be back with a new bar soon". My antennae perked up at that: could this prominent corner soon be home to something new, something shiny, something (not to put too fine a point on it) that’s not the Sports Café?

Then I spotted an email address on the sign, one that ended in "saints.co.nz". That’s the website for the local Saints basketball team, so some sort of sports-related bar seemed likely. What’s more, the Saints are officially "The Century City Saints", since they are sponsored by Century City Developments. That company is owned by a certain Mr Serepisos, who also happens to have owned the first bar on this site: and what a many-splendoured thing Ecstasy Plus was, back when I was just a larva.

So, gentle readers, what do you know about this place? Will it be a basketball-themed bar? A return to the glitzarama of the early 90s? Or some unholy combination of the two?