Voting in the Fourth Annual Wellingtonista Awards is open from December 1-15. Then come find out the results at our Awards Night at Mighty Mighty on December 17!

To vote, visit this page.

Wellington runs on coffee, but only a few places are truly award-worthy. When we get coffee, we want the option of having something to eat with it. We want a good selection of reading material while we wait. We want witty banter and/or eyecandy from the barista. And naturally, the coffee has to be excellent as well!

Green Land: One of the few redeeming features of being a public servant in the soulless Molesworth Quarter is getting your daily cup of hot goodness from the lovely Jane and Paul. Served in biodegradable cups or at a 50 cent discount if you bring your own, this Havana brew is strong and feisty, and occasionally may contain just what you need to power through another day.

Mojo Old Bank: Could this be Mojo’s year? We received more nominations for Mojo cafes than any other – and the most popular among these was one of our favourites, Mojo Old Bank. This operation is wedged into the pointy end of the Old Bank Centre at the southern end of Lambton Quay, a spot where earlier, a lonely outpost of an Auckland cafe roastery had tried and failed to make a go of it. These days, Mojo Old Bank’s landmark location makes it a favoured meeting spot, while the consistently great coffee draws the takeaway punters in droves. Matt, the owner, is a top bloke, and is often to be found on Twitter where he has been known to conduct the occasional giveaway. In light of this, we won’t hold against him the fact that he sometimes cheers for certain Aussie sports teams.

Martha’s Pantry: There are times when we don’t actually want a cup of coffee (there, we said it) and at that very moment there’s no substitute for a lovely cup of tea; or even better, High Tea at Martha’s Pantry. Martha’s Pantry is a lovely little place at the top of Cuba Street that has old-school teacups and all kinds of girlie pretty stuff on display. But fear not – if you simply  must have more caffeine, they also do a lovely Supreme coffee.

Peoples, Garrett Street: The smaller, northern branch of the Newtown café and roastery that was an award winner last year. Impeccably located right beside Global Fabrics (meaning there’s a place for your non-fabric-mad kin to get some coffee for you while you shop up large), it looks out onto Glover Park. The sun streams through the opened roller door, lending a warm and cheerful air to the place that is improved further when Liz remembers your order even though you haven’t been there for a month. And the coffee? It’s very, very good.

French Kiss Café: Sometimes, on those brisk days, you want a cup of coffee that’s murderously strong and hot, teamed with something warm and filling for your stomach. That’s when you head to the French Kiss Café trailer  in Post Office Square, where Matthieu and Lise, a couple of impossibly good-looking French new Kiwis, will serve you some Havana coffee. And while you wait, they’ll also make you one of the most authentic and tasty galettes  you’re ever likely to find this far south of la Métropole.