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When we want the best thing to wet our whistles with, we will seek these drinks out.

Rum Old-Fashioned at Hooch: Hooch does a lot of things well, but one thing that makes it stand out is that it takes another look at the much-maligned demon rum. Tuesday night’s Rum Club is one sign of that attention, and another is the Rum Old Fashioned, a deceptively simple signature drink that can showcase any of their extensive range.

Margaritas at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen: It comes in jugs! Salt-rimmed, limey and served up in a carafe, the margaritas at SMK are the perfect accompaniment to their food. At $40, it’s a much more fun alternative to a bottle of wine. Tequila is always a recipe for a good time, isn’t it?

Whatever they have on tap at Hashigo Zake: It may rotate every week but you can always rely on the staff at Hashigo Zake for a good beer. And if you feel strange putting your palate in the hands of a stranger you can always ask for a snifter of the drink first. And they are committed to not only serving the best from around the world but actively supporting the local craft breweries like Tuatara, Yeastie Boys, Renaissance, Epic and Three Boys.

Castlepoint at the Mighty Mighty: It certainly ain’t classy but it’s cheap and choice and a good weight. Great for swinging around on the dancefloor too.

Hot Buttered Rum at Duke Carvell’s: Usually cocktails make us think of hot summer days and clinking ice cubes, but when it’s cold outside, this delicious concoction will go down a treat. Plus, you can pretend that you’re just having a cup of tea if you’re not used to having cocktails for breakfast. Revised on Nove