Voting in the Fourth Annual Wellingtonista Awards is open from December 1-15. Then come find out the results at our Awards Night at Mighty Mighty on December 17!

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We are creatures of habit, and we like our entertainment to happen regularly, be it weekly or only a couple of times a year. This is how we keep ourselves occupied.

Richter City Roller Derby: Not since “Bret or Jemaine?” has an issue so divided our city. Do you support Brutal Pagaent or Smash Malice? To be honest, both halves of Richter City are amazing. The winners of each bout were really the audience. From its beginning days in a basketball hall in Newtown to packing in over a thousand people at the TSB Arena, watching tough-as-shit women on wheels fighting it out has truly won over our hearts and minds.

Thursday Movie Quiz at the Paramount: Are you talkin’ to me? Oh, Paramount Movie Quiz, you complete me. You’re the king of the world. You’re also bloody hard, and yet we still can’t quit you. We like that you only take an hour, that you give film geeks a chance to get off the internet and into real life, and that you take advantage of the Paramount’s lovely foyer. We also appreciate that we can submit our own rounds in order to feel intellectually superior. Kudos.

The Wellington Phoenix: In the Hyundai A-League the Phoenix aren’t exactly a powerhouse feared by the opposition (though they aren’t push-overs either), but when it comes to playing at home, they are unbeaten. The Phoenix haven’t lost a game at home since sometime last year which is great for the masses of supporters that go every week to the games, above and beyond the Yellow Fever. And while the draws were getting dull it’s still better than a loss.

The Electric Quiz @ Southern Cross: Call us nerds if you like, but we’ve included two quizzes in our nominations. There are plenty of quizzes around on a Tuesday night, but how many have a live Hammond organ accompaniment? How many have no sports round? How many have comfy booths and decent beer? If you answered “just one”, then congratulations! The Southern Cross is the correct answer.

Kiwi Pro Wrestling at Wellington High School: Sweaty men in tights, piled on top of each other? Hot dogs on sticks? A chance to stretch your vocal cords in a series of increasingly hilarious heckling? Yes, please! You really have to experience the rasslin’, held every couple of months at Wellington High School, to understand just what a fun experience it is, but once you’ve been, you’ll be telling all your friends.