Nothing about signs here, I promise, except that a tweet I saw after the storm wished that the sign had been up so that we’d have alphabet soup in the harbour right now. But in some bullet points that you might be able to use: 

  • Congratulations to Ange whose Four Seasons Cocktail has won her a double pass to the 42Below Cocktail World Cup. Can you please email us your address so I can send that out to you, Ange? And the rest of you can buy tickets for yourself online or at the Hawthorn Lounge. The Old Museum Building is a lovely venue and cocktails are always a good time. 
  • Speaking of alcohol-related events, Cellar-Vate are starting up their winemaker dinners for the year with Coney Wines on March 31. Tickets are $45 and are available in store, or you can book on the phone. Coney make delicious wines, and their tasting notes are kind of hilarious, so it should be a good night. 
  • Our cousins in the north, The Aucklandista are making a go of it again, so if you had deleted it from your bookmarks due to inactivity, you might want to resubscribe. 
  • We set up a formspring account so y’all could ask us anonymous questions, and while it was easy to reply if we get paid by any of the bars we mention (we’re not. Full disclosure though: occasionally we get treated extra nice, but only as regulars are, rather than because we wield the almighty power of teh blogosphere) it’s much harder to advise on how could someone find a bookclub to join. Do you guys have any answers?