Last Tuesday, I was drawn like a fly to a pile of fishheads to the Overseas Terminal for the launch of FishHead magazine. I had to sort out the Mollusc for trying to step into my territory. How many anonymous troublemakers does this town need, after all?

The adventure started with a boat ride from Queen’s Wharf, where entertainment came in the form of giraffe-esque models in ridiculous heels trying to clamber into the trawler. They still managed the task better than one Wellingtonista whose flailing arm knocked the lens out of some unfortunate gentleman’s glasses. Perhaps she was unsteady on her feet because of being uncharacteristically sober?

The seven minute voyage across the harbour seemed to have been planned entirely so the hipsters could get their “on a boat” badge on Foursquare. Oh hipsters and their adorable need to collect things. Anyone would think that their lives were hollow and empty or something. Things got more lively on land, where we were welcomed by Batucada, fishheads firmly in place.

fish head battacuda
The band sounded great outside, marching back and forward and hitting their percussiony bits. When they came inside later on, it was a little too loud though, so this Fly wasn’t suprised to see guests slipping outside to get their Titanic on.

I'm the king of the world
It was a beautiful day outdoors, but things were pretty inside too, especially as the wine and beer flowed freely. Kudos to the venue staff who brought bottles to the tables. Kudos also for the amazing woodfired pizza that kept coming around. Good host responsibility there.

inside the venue
Things were going well with the speeches, until Kerry Prenderghastly took the stage. When she asked if we could hear her, this Fly heard someone yelling out “No – maybe you should build another road to our ears”. Not a popular lady. Especially not when her standard “Wellington is awesome and it’s all thanks to me” speech morphed into an attack on Ray Apihene-Mercer and how she’s going to win the next election. I’m a fly, and I flourish in shit, but that was way out of line, even by my lack of standards. In fact, I was so disgusted that I had to buzz off then. But thank you FishHead, for an otherwise great launch, and we wish you all the best. Except for you, Mollusc – I’ll deal with you another time…