Since location-based social media website Foursquare became available in here in November last year, iWellingtonians have taken to it with enthusiasm.

But, you may find yourself wondering, with all the checking-in going on, just where it is that all these iPhone-wielding hipster geeks are going?

Well, website is able to calculate a list of the top 20 Wellington locations, based on highest numbers of Foursquare checkins:

  1. Mojo Old Bank (954)
  2. New World – Wakefield St (231)
  3. Hooch (192)
  4. The Malthouse (216)
  5. Southern Cross (202)
  6. Hashigo Zake (195)
  7. Aro Cafe (110)
  8. The Green Man (190)
  9. Moore Wilson’s – Tory St (171)
  10. Matterhorn (166)
  11. Mojo Invincible (157)
  12. Caffe L’affare (153)
  13. Wellington City Library – Central (146)
  14. Legato Espresso Cafe (144)
  15. Meow (134)
  16. Mighty Mighty (131)
  17. Sweet Mother’s Kitchen (131)
  18. State Tower Food Court (122)
  19. Westpac Stadium (121)
  20. Felix Cafe (113)

No surprises for #1 – Mojo Matt is well known for embracing social media, as well as making splendid coffee.

The rest is a line-up of some of the best places in town, though it is refreshing to see less-than-hip spots like The Green Man and the State Tower Food Court making the list.

By the way, is checking in at the supermarket the new bananas-in-the-trolley singles tactic?

For a bit of contrast, Auckland‘s top 20 sees a couple of non-venues – the harbour bridge and Queen Street, as well as TVNZ in 5th place and, um, a Starbucks in 6th.