welly on a plate

 Congratulations to Nicole and her fantail for winning our Rata competition. This week, to celebrate Wellington on a Plate, thanks to the lovely Positively Wellington Tourism, we have a $100 voucher to the General Practitioner on the corner of Willis & Boulcott to give away.

The restaurant gets its name from the building’s original purposee – it was constructed for Dr. Henry Pollen in 1902, with his family living on the top floor and surgery on the bottom. Legend (or just hearsay?) has it that not too long after that moved in a troop of ladies to take care of other needs of the body besides medicine, before eventually it was refurbished as a posh restaurant we once took my grandmother to, but I can’t remember the name of it.

So, speaking of sticking things in buns, part of Wellington on a Plate is Burger Wellington, in which over 30 Wellington restaurants and cafes are creating special burgers and you get to vote for the winner. The General Practitioner’s contribution sounds especially good:

Snuffle Truffle Swine Burger

Truffled wild pork burger with toasted ciabatta, grilled pineapple and buffalo mozzarella

$22 | Available: Lunch and dinner

In order to win this week’s prize, tell us which burger you’re most looking forward to trying, and why. Leave your comment before 5pm Tuesday August 3, and we’ll draw a winner at random.