Some people have asked why we only sent out questions to the mayoral candidates, not councillor-wannabes or people running for community and health boards. That’s a valid question. To be honest, it was partly because mayors tend to be the ones that attract the headlines, but also because there are a metric buttload of candidates from all over the city and I just did not have the time to deal with all of them. However, since I’ve now discovered that one of my favourite tutors from uni is running (he had such a hard-on for the NZ electoral system, it was adorable), I’ve thought a little bit more about the whole thing. So, let’s see if the candidates are at where you are at. If anyone running for any position is reading this (I won’t be approaching anyone), please feel free to answer the questions that we asked the mayoral candidates, answer according to the rules, and send them to me –, and you’ll get your moment in the sun here on the Wellingtonista.