The Masked Barfly has been busy in the last little while soaking up the scene and hanging around the hors d’oeuvres in our buzzy little town.  As could be expected the Masked Barfly favours fecund environs where one can imbibe a good compost of booze, blood and guts, gossip and culture.

Some bullets of buzz after the jump:

  • Intersected with some compost-loving types at the Cross, exchanged entry tickets for drinks and was PowerPointed towards some recycling solutions (fill in a survey here about your rubbishy habits to help test the idea)
  • Buzzed in the background at the French Ambassador’s residence where Pascal Chivot (of Simply Paris) was being honoured with a Chevalier dans l’ordre du Mérite Agricole for being a fantastic purveyor of baguettes among other things.  Jack Yan was displaying his French and his networking skills, the Fly was attending to the Champagne and pate.
  • Hovered over the spicy ribs at Regional Wines and Spirits for the release of Tuatara’s new American Pale Ale – this red haired American step-brother of the IPA was getting the crowd hopped up.
  • Watched the paint dry at the Sustainable Business Awards with Celia Wade-Brown doing the honours for Resene (organic matter and pinot provided).
  • Took some tea at The Guru of Chai where Jacob Rajan threw off his masks, and with just one pair of crooked false teeth became a tea seller, seven sisters, a love stuck policeman and an ill-fated poet.   
  • Dined out on the drama of World Press Photo: blood, guts, poetry and politics smeared all over the walls.  The lushes and the paparazzi stayed close to the heaving cheeseboard and the pinot while Her Worship spoke.