Wellington musical collaborations are so hot right now, with the pulsing funked out drama of Eru Dangerspiel cramming more than 15 musicians and a damn choir onto the stage at the Town Hall last night and Rhian Sheehan’s outstanding show at the Opera House in June it seems that being all lush and orchestral and big is, well, big.  The spores of certain Welly super-groups can be found in basements all over Wellington collaborating on new projects, getting back together with each other, going solo again, it is bloody hard to keep up!

Those Twinset boys seem to be slutting it all over town and Warren Maxwell has managed not just to mix it with NZSO (as Little Bushman) but plan a couple of shows with a reformed Trinity Roots and work on new material with Strike Percussion.


A little taster of the full length show brewing between Warren and Strike will be on offer at Downstage this Sunday as part of the Soundstage series.  There will also be some fresh reinterpretations of Strike and Little Bushman classics (this girl is looking forward to seeing what they can do with Corrupt Demeanor).  Looks like there may be another guest musician spot too, so once again time to have a few less $5 flat whites and book tickets.

What: Strike Percussion and Warren Maxwell

Where: Downstage theatre

When: Sunday 17 October

Cost: $35

Image by Dominika Zielinska from a set of live rehearsal shots.