This Monday is another Pecha Kucha Night, where a fine line-up of creative people present short talks on topics they love.

But this time it’s a Wellingtonista special! We have two of the W’ista posse (Robyn* and Dan) giving talks. But we’re also excited about Leimomi Oakes’s talk on royal undies, Mike Brown’s exploration of why Webstock is so awesome, and Mike Dickison’s scientific look at Big Bird.

Actually, the whole line-up looks awesome:

Leimomi Oakes // textile and fashion historian / seamstress / // the queen’s underwear: how an un/dress caused a revolution (in more ways than one)
Jack Yan // persuader // fashioning a brand //
Chris Bennewith // designer // creative eco-systems
Robyn Gallagher // writer // // anti-travel
Tony DeGoldi // set designer
Fred L’Ami // designer // // about a cycle race
Mike Dickison // // what, if anything, is big bird?
Mike Brown // co-founder, // running the best conference ever in the history of the world in Wellington
Dan Slevin // writer/broadcaster / // why film must die!
Lisa Maule, Mohamed Osman // producer/performer // southern corridor project // inter art : inter cultural // eko-theatre
Mark Westerby // producer // // Lego for adults/ my fascination with containers
David Tay Ninh Wright //musician /designer/
Sarah Hunter // // daydream
Rachel Taulelei // food enthusiast // // taking those who catch closer to those who cook

Monday 22 November
Azzura Room, Overseas Terminal
Doors open 6.30pm / start 7.30pm
$9 cash only

And there is delicious wood-fired pizza as well as a bar.

* Yeah, Robyn totally just talked about herself in the third person.