Two Pecha Kucha Nights

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last few days feeling rather glum and not in much of a going-out mood. But there are a couple of Pecha Kucha Night events coming up in Wellington this weekend that look pretty good – one with an arts theme, the other with a science theme (including a […]

TAWA5 Best Regular Entertainment

As we know, Wellington is full of fun things to do, and on a regular basis. Whether giving us something to eat, something to groove to, or something to yell about, these are the events that kept us coming back for seconds.

Pecha Kucha 9

This Monday is another Pecha Kucha Night, where a fine line-up of creative people present short talks on topics they love. But this time it’s a Wellingtonista special! We have two of the W’ista posse (Robyn* and Dan) giving talks. But we’re also excited about Leimomi Oakes’s talk on royal undies, Mike Brown’s exploration of […]

Pecha Kucha Dontcha Know

The first Wellington Pecha Kucha night is being held this Thursday, 5th July at Hope Bros.

It is a format for creative talks restricting each speaker to 400 seconds, comprising 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each. Some more info at the esteemable Wikipedia .

Audience spaces are limited – by all accounts the Auckland event was a blast – and tickets cost 7 clams.