As we know, Wellington is full of fun things to do, and on a regular basis. Whether giving us something to eat, something to groove to, or something to yell about, these are the events that kept us coming back for seconds.

Richter City Roller Derby
Not since “Bret or Jemaine?” has an issue so divided our city. Do you support Brutal Pagaent or Smash Malice (If you’re awesome, you support Smash, by the way)? The winners of each bout were really the audience. From its beginning days in a basketball hall in Newtown to bouts that had nearly 3500 in the audience at TSB Arena, watching tough-as-shit women on wheels fighting it out has truly won over our hearts and minds.

Pecha Kucha
Pecha Kucha around NZ Wellington is blessed with an abundance of intellectually stimulating events where clever people stand in front of pretty slides and talk about all kinds of random things, but Pecha Kucha is scoping this nomination over Nerd Nite or Ignite because it happens more often and is therefore more entertaining. Maths is simple! Held all around the world, PK usually has 8 – 14 presenters. Presenters (and much of the audience) are usually from the design, architecture, photography, art and creative fields. That may sound a little dry, but in reality, it’s like a great big shot of tequila to your cerebral cortex.
(Please note: The fact that approximately 25% of the Wellingtonista have presented at Pecha has little or nothing to do with its nomination. Their presentations sucked. But all the others were awesome.)

Tuesday Night Dinner at Mike’s
Every Tuesday night for the last 11 years, Tuesday Night Mike has opened his home for a potluck dinner to whoever wants to come. He turns his kitchen over to the culinary skills of both regulars and strangers who’ve wandered in for the first time. Why? Well, dinner parties are fun. Mike’s also turned his focus on helping those who have less on their plate, supporting the Eat So They Can charity. Delicious and entertaining, Tuesday Night Dinner is a Wellington institution.

Wellington Phoenix matches
With the All Whites making it to the FIFA World Cup, interest in the game formerly known as soccer was high this year. The Phoenix’s regular Hyundai A-League matches against Australia’s finest proved a choice way to spend 90 minutes. More than just a sport match, the Phoenix’s staunch Yellow Fever supporters liven up the game with their infectious chanting. And if you enjoy seeing pale flabby manchests jumping with joy, then you’ll like it even more. If you don’t, I guess that’s what Roller Derby is for.

ASB Gardens Magic Concert Series
ASB Gardens Magic at the Soundshell is the super popular series of free music concerts in January that really lets Wellingtonians know that summer has arrived. Gardens Magic nestles under the colorful stripy festival umbrella of free council events  “Summer City” that run from January to March.

Gotta love the sparkly lights hung through the gardens, the mirror balls and bubbles, the wine and picnics on the grass, and of course the music. This year a wide range of local musos brought a different crowd every night, which frankly is just excellent programming.

Did we mention it is free?