Photo: Matt Grace

This is a cheeky post but it involves a heap of Wellingtonians so bear with me.

Thanks to Air NZ, it’s possible to visit Wellingtonian Bret McKenzie and funny man Hamish Blake on the set of Two Little Boys, Rob Sarkies latest feature, currently being shot in Invercargill.

It’s a very rare chance to come on set and see what goes on behind the scenes, eat a lot of biscuits, try out the catering and wear a puffer jacket or something.

All you have to do is send in a wee story about good times with your best mate. But you have to be quick. The competition closes Thursday at midnight (that’s like, tomorrow). The film is being produced by Wellingtonian Vicky Pope and is based on the novel by Lyall Bay’s very own Duncan Sarkies.

You can also follow what’s been going on during the shoot on the facebook page being run by one of our own Wellingtonistas (yes that’s me, cough) Anna Dean.

Thanks for this cheeky announcement, and go on, enter the comp and come visit. The cheese rolls are on us!!