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Parkour update

by stephen clover on April 4, 2011 in Outdoors, Sport, Waterfront

Creative Commons photo by Alexandre Ferreira on Flickr

In November 2007 I posted an article about the exciting pursuit of parkour in Wellington, and it’s been one of our most enduringly popular articles, generating a steady stream of traffic and comments.

In the meantime, the New Zealand Parkour Association has been established. They have a strong presence in Wellington and recently got in touch to update us about their activities – including classes!

Possibly in your travels about Wellington you’ve come across people jumping or exercising on the street, especially around the waterfront area? Those visually amazing jumps would probably be parkour.

In NZ the New Zealand Parkour Association has recently been formed as an incorporated society devoted to developing and teaching parkour in NZ.

Here’s the link to their Wellington page, where you can learn more about them, and the classes.

PS. Post your best parkour am-cam youtube links in the comments!


Stephen Clover

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