If you sometimes wonder what the hell Alf Rune is going on about (and to be honest, we all do at times), a link or two might help. When he recently posted about conspiracy theories regarding the “all-seeing eyes throughout Civic Square“, we had to ask him where the hell he heard about that.

The answer is a web page called “Occult Symbolism in Wellington” from something or someone called “Sovereign Mind”. It starts with peculiar eye-like geometries in aerial photos, moves on to occult pyramids, Freemasonry, Vatican pineal gland symbolism and pagan eroticism in the Nikau palms, and ends up dragging the Majestic Centre and Beehive into the vast conspiracy. But the high (or low point) is when the author accuses Capital E of being an Illuminati lair for satanic rituals and virgin sacrifices.

Does anyone know who’s behind this (the site, not the fiendish plots)? Are they serious, or is it a wind-up? If the latter, it seems rather an elaborate undertaking.

But what if they’re right?! What other architectural occultism and evil symbols are lurking around us, hidden in plain sight in Wellington’s geometry?