With the opening of The Roxy cinema, Miramar has suddenly become a rather popular little neighbourhood. And now things get even more interesting with the opening of Mexican restaurant La Boca Loca.

It’s a taqueria – a Mexican fast food joint. But the fast food in question is centred around a selection of tortilla-based dishes, like burritos, tacos and enchiladas, as well as a variety of side dishes.

A lot of thought has gone into the dishes. Everything seems to have been especially designed, rather than any sort of assembly line “your meat here” situation.

Too hotI ordered some stuffed jalapenos, which was a bit of a mistake. They were too spicy-hot for me to enjoy. Like, I was actually in pain and seriously considering running over to the chemist to get some codeine. Drama! I was surprised because I’ve had stuffed jalapenos before without such extreme mouth fire, and also because there wasn’t any sort of warning on the menu. But then, the La Boca Loca does mean “crazy mouth” so perhaps that was my warning.

Good burritoFortunately my main dish was so much more enjoyable. It was a beef burrito, served with a little side salad and feijoa chutney. I am in favour of burritos that do not contain salad. There’s nothing worse than salad exploding out from inside a burrito, so really well done for La Boca Loca putting it on the side.

The feijoa salsa was a nice touch. Despite its Spanish name and continental American origins, I don’t think the feijoa is a big part of Mexican cuisine. The feijoa salsa seems like a nice acknowledgement of the restaurant’s Kiwi location.

The beef in the burrito was tender and seasoned well, so if it’s anything to go by, I’d be more than happy to work my way through the burrito menu.

Now, I know La Boca Loca is new and so I want to cut them a bit of slack, but there were a couple of annoying little things.

Tippy plateThe plate my burrito was served on was curved with a very small flat underside. This meant that when I tried to cut a bit of the food, the plate rocked over on to its edge. It was just really annoying, and I had to keep shoving all the food into the centre of the plate. It seemed more like a dish for finger food than a dinner plate.

And all the seats in the restaurant were backless stools. It’s not the sort of seat one can relax in, and I ended up all hunched over on the table. It was like a trick from one of those ’80s-era fast food restaurants that were designed to stop no-good teens from loitering, but yet La Boca Loca seems more like the kind of restaurant that wants people to stay and order multiple courses of food. And even bloody McDonal’s give customers chairs.

Wellington has so few awesome Mexican restaurants, so it’s good when a promising new one opens. I get the feeling that La Boca Loca is just a few tweaks away from being a really amazing restaurant, and it’s yet another good reason to make a trip out to Miramar.