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Erm, an antidote to Wellywood?

by Anna on June 17, 2011 in Video

At the 48 Hour Film Fest this week the pines up on Mt Vic got a certain amount of screen time in one video in particular – the winner of the Best Worst category.

Here the pines star again, this time as a Magical Forest in the latest creation from the nut bars behind I am Simon Peter (nominated in this years Webby’s in the Weird section no less).

Starring Jeremy Randerson as Wolvesblade, with soundtrack by Wellington based astral traveling band Full Fucking Moon I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. Check it out for yourselves.

Episode One – The Magical Forest

A web series like no other, the episodes will be uploaded weekly from today.

Anna Dean

Anna Dean, aka The 'Mouth from the South,' has been causing a ruckus, throwing great parties and getting the word out for various projects these past five years in Wellington. She rarely posts. Don't hold your breath.

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