Yes, a picture from Glee. Very original of me, I know

When I was 15,  I had my first ever pash. I was at Onslow, but my best friend’s boyfriend went to St Pat’s (Town) so one New Year’s, we got to hang out with some of the boys from there. There was a party in Strathmore, a New Year’s Countdown in a tunnel, a Haka on Rongotai College’s lawn, swimming at Lyall Bay, and then dancing to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack and a pash to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Kilbernie. That was 1995/96. Why do I mention this? Because apparently the people at St Pat’s have forgotten that 1986 and the Homosexual Law Reform Act of 1986 have both happened. Specifically? Two boys aren’t allowed to go to their school ball together.

From Get Malcolm Pimentel and Keith (Derick) Labad to the St Pat’s Ball

Malcolm and I were meant to attend the St Pat’s Town Ball 2011 but Five days before the ball, Father Martin decided that we would not be allowed to go because of implied homophobic reasons, saying “If you’re going to go to the ball, you’re taking a girl.”
The purpose of this event is to have all those who are in support of our cause to fight this discrimination, on one page, so we can share ideas, and update people on how we’re getting along with the fight.
Please Spread this event as soon as possible, as the ball is this saturday and we want to have as big an impact as possible.
And for anyone who asks, I, Keith Labad, am a Catholic. I just also happen to be queer. We are not taking shots at religion, but rather, we’re trying to claim what we deserve as humans and that is our rights.

Last week we had the really lovely experience of the Queer the Night march, and by contrast, all kinds of bad stuff happening at school balls in Auckland. Which would we rather have? Seriously, St Pat’s – what the fucking fuck?