Review: The Best is Yet to Come

Featured Image Graphic designer: Jared Pallesen  Featured Image Photographer: Leoluchino Linumus    The performance style for The Best is Yet to Come has a little bit of everything autobiography, ted talk, magic show and queer inspirational guidance. Adorned in wonderfully sparkling nails and gems across his forehead, Jeremy Rolston opened the show with some guidance […]

What year is St. Patrick’s College living in?

When I was 15,  I had my first ever pash. I was at Onslow, but my best friend’s boyfriend went to St Pat’s (Town) so one New Year’s, we got to hang out with some of the boys from there. There was a party in Strathmore, a New Year’s Countdown in a tunnel, a Haka […]

Two marches you might want to join

Wellingtonians have two great opportunities in the next couple of weeks to join important causes and demonstrate that you are decent human beings. On Thursday June 9,  a march will be held through Wellington city to help stop homophobia and transphobia on our streets. Then on Saturday June 25, a Slutwalk is happening. Queer the […]