Perched upon the top of Cuba St, Thistle Hall is known for providing Wellingtonians with short bursts of visual arts. Exhibits pack in and out again at a frenetic pace, and if planning and serendipity conspire, treasures can be easily missed. Take some time this week and get up to the current exhibit.

Exquisite Corpse draws its name from the surrealist movement and a parlour game that collects a series of ideas from participants, joined together into a collective unconscious reality. The exhibit collects the photography of four Wellington designers as a sequential collaboration, with each new item linking directly from the one previous. Liane McGee, Kate Arnott and Tessa Gourley of Fortyfive Design and Andrew McGee of Teaspoon Films have constructed a vividly colourful array of familiar sights and scenes, arranged and presented as a collage of unifying characteristics and contrasting statements.

Having been slightly short of time today, I’m going to have to make extra time tomorrow to dwell longer on the details. Exquisite Corpse is open 11-6 Friday and Saturday, and 11-3 on Sunday.