Henry is a reclusive writer with a deadline (and a sad secret). He’s being hounded by his boss, his new neighbour is distracting, and to top it all off, his character, Lumina,  is fighting for her life.  Will his imagination help him come to terms with his problems in the real world?

Red Leap Theatre‘s new production works very well in the intimate space of Downstage. The paper set and props are ingenious. Using physical theatre and object manipulation (sometimes puppets, but not always puppetty-puppets), the story unfolds over an hour.  If you’re in the middle seats then what happens on stage will really look magical. (If you’re on the side you’ll see how it’s achieved.) The illusions and ensemble work are what make this show special. Precise physical work from the cast, especially Veronica Brady, Alison Bruce, and Justin Haiu, mean that much of the story can be told without words. Emmett Skilton provides a grounded centre for the other characters to work around. Julia Croft is charming as Louise, the enthusiastic new neighbour.

A lovely sweet story for the whole family. (There are a couple of scary scenes that might freak the younger children out.)

  • Paper Sky by Red Leap Theatre, on at Downstage to 17 November 2012.