If you think the restaurant that sits on the corner of Cuba and Vivian Streets, alongside Frutti, and opposite Logan Brown serves a) food and b) Mexican food then you are sorely mistaken and should get yourself to La Boca Loca asap. Don’t even finish reading this. Get in a car, a bus, on a bicycle or hail a cab and get yourself to the earthquake-strengthened address of 19 Park Road, Miramar!

Actually wait! There’s info here that will be of value!

La Boca Loca has a mission to re-create the flavours of Mexico, using fresh, responsibly produced, sustainable cuisine and that’s something that we here at Wellingtonista can get behind.

They produce not only fantastic food but have delightful drinks to match, particularly those of a Tequila based nature.  In fact Joanna did a write up on the tequila she tasted at their birthday last year.

Previously you could head along to La Boca Loca, taste their wares, drink their drinks and then drunkenly purchase a few items to take home and attempt to recreate the work of La Boca Loca’s fantastic team. On Sunday we found out you can now drunkenly purchase their wares from the comfort of your own home!

They have a web-store! You can be a MexiCAN and get fantastic ingredients delivered to your door!

Marianne Elliot and Lucas Putnam, co-owners, talked us through this exciting new development at La Boca Loca. With Mexican cuisine on the rise in New Zealand they want to share the fine ingredients they’ve been able to source. La Boca Loca work with local producers and farmers in Mexico in order to benefit everyone: the producers, the restaurant and the customers. Will Michell, who has taken on the challenge of developing La Boca Loca’s line of Mexican food products, pointed out – any recipe is going to taste a lot better if you are using good ingredients.

They are selling hot sauces and salsa, dried chilies, herbs and spices, a range of Rancho Gordo products, and a bunch of other stuff including masa, the corn flour used to create their corn chips and tortillas.

Will, is from Bristol and claims that if he can make tortillas and corn chips so can we.  He has the benefit of having done this for a few years while head chef but when he showed us all how to make them it was surprising just how easy it was. Really easy! Here is their recipe.

After trying their tortillas, laden with pulled pork, poblano cream chicken, shredded beef, slow-braised in their master stock, with fresh corn chips, salsa and guacamole alongside I can see why the La Boca Loca team want to spread these products to New Zealand kitchens. The ridiculously great Chargrilled Pineapple and Black Pepper Margarita that my partner Laura ordered certainly meant we were inclined to grab a few more dried chilies for the road.

Also – Banana Vinegar. I know. Vinegar made from bananas!