Captain Florencia Dreggs (war hero) and her right hand man Warner Hornshaw are on a special mission for the mysterious Joy. There’s a piece of kit that he wants them to salvage but something is hinky. What exactly is in the box and why does Joy want it so badly?

This is a return season for A play about space and it’s even more fun than I remembered it to be.  The three actors (and one stage manager) play multiple roles. Hannah Banks is mostly Captain Flo. She plays her staunch and slightly exasperated with, well, everything, but especially Warner, played by Paul Waggott. Waggot plays the most other characters (I think). He clearly defines each character but I wanted him to be clearer in his speech with the Captain character. My favourite scene is one where he loses a stand-off with Alex Greig (who mostly plays Joy). There are some really enjoyable moments with Greig and Nicole Harvey (mostly stage manager) running all over the stage. Slow motion fights and practical effects add to the delight. There are plot clues scattered all over the place and it’s brilliant when it all comes together.

Marvelous fun.