Candidates: Hayley Robinson for Onslow Western Ward

by Guest on September 3, 2013

We’ve provided a set of questions for the mayoral and councillor candidates to answer. See the current set of responses or read on for Hayley’s thoughts on Wellington, subjected to the 25-word parametric filter.

  1. What should be the city council’s role in helping homeless people and beggars?

Increasing affordable housing stock/implementing cross sector case management and supported housing as per Te Mahana strategy. See for Hundred Homes Strategy.

  1. What would you do to make Wellington more cycle and pedestrian friendly?

PT/cycles/pedestrian only Lambton Quay/part of Willis. Complete cycleways within 5 years (dangerous areas within 2). Cycle park-and-ride. More car park-and-ride. More bike…

  1. How do you think traffic flow to the hospital and airport should be improved?

Rapid bus transit for short/medium term. Consider light rail for long term. Alterations to intersections/traffic light cycles around Basin Reserve.

  1. What are your views on the suggestion Wellington needs to be “more than just Weta and Government” – what do you think are Wellington’s strengths?

All could be even better: walkability, highly-qualified workforce, current (under-promoted) attractions, access to green areas, harbour, dining, diversity and people.

  1. What will YOU do to get more investment, businesses, and business confidence in Wellington?

Propose Hundred Homes strategy; propose cutting low-infrastructure suburban-based business rates; propose no private vehicles in city centre; communicate regularly with SME’s and larger…

  1. What does Wellington need more of, and what does Wellington need less of?

More: affordable homes, cycle infrastructure, enterprises and jobs. Less: cuts to library spending and services, Council delays in answering queries, people without homes

  1. What would your city council provide for children and young people?

Complete modern library services, youth group facilities, warm dry housing their parents can afford, safer paths/roads around some schools, affordable public transport, safe cycleways.

  1. What steps would you take to encourage civic engagement?

Improve Council transparency, data availability and ensure online opportunities for public’s ideas/solutions. Enable public access to information before submission process. See

  1. Tell us about your personal earthquake plan / What’s unusual about your earthquake kit?

Medicines separate and out of child-reach. Includes battery-charger for cell. Involves a live chicken called “Earthquake Dinner”. And a lot of potatoes in…

  1. Why should we vote for you?

Because you want a Councillor who will listen, read reports, actually attend the meetings, feedback to the community, and make evidence-based decisions. Encouraging cooperative…

  1. Where can we find out more about what you stand for?

@HayleyRobinsonK;; Scoop;; meet the candidates evening, St John’s Hall, Sept 11, 7pm; other meetings as per

Hayley Robinson September 3, 2013 at 11:18 pm

Darn. I did point out to the Wellingtonista in my e-mail that I had used MS Word’s version of 25 word count:) I think voters will get the drift.

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