According to the International Comedy Festival 2014 Utopia can be found at Kitty O’Shea’s, on Courtenay Place, from 8:30pm for the next two nights.

According to Adam Wright, the comedian putting on the show, Utopia can be found by following his 10 simple answers to the world’s biggest problems.

In a show that covers everything from religion and entertainment, parenting and poverty as well as crime and punishment Adam welcomes us to a world where the worst things are no more and pleasantness, with the help of science and his hours of research, is at our fingertips.

Adam gets laughs from the audience without being offensive – it’s superb, observational hilarity that, while pointing out some honest truths, leaves you feeling positive. For a moment I feared we were headed for a disastrous Raybonesque moment when talk of getting off buses after women arose. However, Wright was clearly conscious of his audience/an-audience-with-any-decency-at-all, and made self-deprecating jokes that spoke to me, as a male aware of the privilege I possess simply by being male. (Shouldn’t good comedy make you think?)

We were told before entering that we’d leave the show knowing that humanity has been saved. I’m not sure that we’ll be saved, or what exactly we’ll be saved from, but I do know you should see this show because Wellington comedy has a good shot at being another weapon in the city’s artillery in defending this fair land. The other weapons being the wind and the continuous presence of far too many politicians.

To Utopia and beyond!