1. Who are you and what do you want?
 I’m Grant Robertson, MP for Wellington Central. I want a better New Zealand- and your Party Vote for Labour, and electorate vote to carry on working for our community.

2. What makes you different?
In terms of being MP my point of difference is that I’m already doing the job, and I would love to take what I’ve learned and do more for our city.

3. What do you love or hate most about Wellington
Love, as the Muttonbirds say, the music and the theatre, the cafes and the bars and you can walk everywhere cos nowhere’s very far. Hate- that homelessness is growing.

4. What are you going to do about rental properties and the state they’re in? “ – Amy, Wellington Central (via @Political_Cuts)
We will introduce a Healthy Homes Guarantee, enforced by Tenancy Tribunal that every rental must be warm, dry+safe with insulation and adequate heating.

5. “If you could re-imagine the economy what would it look like?” – Emma, Wellington Central (via @Political_Cuts)
Where the economy is a means to living lives of fulfilment and dignity, where we measure success not on GDP, but on our well-being and happiness being enhanced.

6. “How would you improve workers’ rights in the electorate and ensure that young people enter into secure, long-term contracts?” – Brittany, Wellington Central (via @Political_Cuts)
Scrap 90 Day Fire At Will legislation and also Youth Rates, review employment rules with view to strengthening collective bargaining and support role of unions.

7. “What are you going to do to make NZ more egalitarian?” – Mike, Rongotai (via @Political_Cuts)
Lift minimum wage by $2 per hour and work towards a Living Wage, make tax system fair through Capital Gains Tax, lifting top rate and cracking down on tax avoiders

8. “What are the key things you will do to make things better for vulnerable children?” – Alison, Rongotai (via @Political_Cuts)
Payment of $60 per week for children up to age of 3, free healthcare for kids, pregnant Mums, legislated targets for ending child poverty and a Minister for Children.

9. How do you plan to keep premier artists and businesses from fleeing the Capital? – @OrchestraWLG Regional Economic Plan that has arts and creative sector as one of core pillars, along with investment in creating the jobs that will keep people here- eg ICT, research and science.

10. What do you wish your 17 year old self knew about feminism? @zenpeacekeeper That I understood what it meant and how gender inequality was a real thing in the world around me.

11. “What would you do to further improve the electoral/Parliamentary system in NZ, and to encourage participation? – Sam, Wellington Central (via @Political_Cuts)
Open up our democracy through reform of OIA and Parliament, more and better teaching of civics in schools and a strong public broadcasting system.

12. Will you support a full enquiry into #DirtyPolitics? Will they practice clean politics for themselves and their parties? – BevanMcCabe
Yes, full inquiry with power to subpoena witnesses.  I would never be part of abuse of power and knowledge that is in Dirty Politics. It is wrong and unethical.

13. What’s your personal history of living in Wellington?
Arrived November 1994 to do student political things, became diplomat, went overseas 1999, came back 2001- here ever since. Live on boundary of Wilton/Northland since 2003.

14. What policy of your party do you think will have the most impact on Wellington?
Economic Upgrade to create decent jobs with higher wages- especially in ICT. Includes $10,000 garage grants to entrepreneurs to start up businesses.

15. Do you genuinely believe you have a chance at winning the seat you’re contesting, or is this more of a party campaign?
Yep, I would be honoured to carry on as MP for Wellington Central.  But Party Vote is vital. Changing government starts with a Party Vote for Labour.