1. Who are you and what do you want?

I’m an Aro Valley native. I want New Zealand to become an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable role model for the rest of the world to follow.

2. What makes you different?

I’ve had an international career in sustainable business and leadership development. I’ve worked as a freelancer, in small start-ups and with global companies.

3. What do you love or hate most about Wellington?

I love the ‘natural capital’ of our hills and harbour, our heritage neighbourhoods and our thriving arts, entertainment and cultural precincts around Cuba Street and Courtenay Place.

4. What are you going to do about rental properties and the state they’re in? “ – Amy, Wellington Central (via @Political_Cuts)

We want a Warrant of Fitness for all rented houses, $3 million extra funding to help families taking action against substandard rental housing, and to insulate another 200,000 homes.

5. “If you could re-imagine the economy what would it look like?” – Emma, Wellington Central (via @Political_Cuts)

A ‘circular economy’, powered by renewable energy, regenerative by design, where biological materials are designed to harmlessly reenter the biosphere, and technical materials recirculate with minimal loss of quality.

6. “How would you improve workers’ rights in the electorate and ensure that young people enter into secure, long-term contracts?” – Brittany, Wellington Central (via @Political_Cuts)

We’d bring in a new minimum redundancy package of four weeks’ pay; boost bargaining power and make workplaces safer and more and democratic; and remove the 90-day trial period.

7. “What are you going to do to make NZ more egalitarian?” – Mike, Rongotai (via @Political_Cuts)

We’d lift the minimum wage to $18/hour by 2017; create a tax-free band on the first $2,000 income; and a new top tax rate of 40% above $140,000.

8. “What are the key things you will do to make things better for vulnerable children?” – Alison, Rongotai (via @Political_Cuts)

A Children’s Credit of $60/week extra; a Parental Tax Credit of $220/week in the first weeks of life; and $500 million per year into children’s health and education.

9. How do you plan to keep premier artists and businesses from fleeing the Capital? – ‏@OrchestraWLG

Home to a number of universities, research institutes, ICT and energy companies, Wellngton will particularly benefit from the Greens’ $1b investment in Research & Development.

10. What do you wish your 17 year old self knew about feminism? @zenpeacekeeper

I wish I’d understood what abuse so many of my 17 year old female friends already faced; and what still lay in store for far too many of them.

11. “What would you do to further improve the electoral/Parliamentary system in NZ, and to encourage participation? – Sam, Wellington Central (via @Political_Cuts)

Remove the one-seat “coat-tailing” rule; reform Election Financing; set up a register of Lobbyists; publish Cabinet decisions on the Internet; and support a written Constitution.

12. Will you support a full enquiry into #DirtyPolitics? Will they practice clean politics for themselves and their parties? – @BevanMcCabe

Yes, yes and yes. I support the Greens’ call for a Royal Commission; I am committed to practicing clean politics myself; and I would seek to extend the practice.

13. What’s your personal history of living in Wellington?

I was born in Wellington Hospital and went to Wellington High School and Victoria University. I lived in London for 12 years, returning home to Aro Valley in 2010.

14. What policy of your party do you think will have the most impact on Wellington?

The Greens’ plan to invest $500 million over five years upgrading Wellington’s transport infrastructure will secure Wellington’s future as a vibrant, people-friendly city “where talent wants to live”.

15. Do you genuinely believe you have a chance at winning the seat you’re contesting, or is this more of a party campaign?

I am asking you to Party Vote Green. I’m number 12 on the Green Party List and will be elected if we win over 10% of the Party Vote.