hack miramar logoThis guest post is from ex-‘ista Mike, so it may be something you’ve seen elsewhere on the internet. Sorry! 
Following on from the successful Hack Miramar ‘transport event’ the team have teamed up with Wellington Makerspace Trust and are chuffed to announce free programming workshops for all ages on December 13th at Scots College (1 Monorgan Rd, Strathmore Park).
These sessions will run from 10am until 4pm on Saturday the 13th of December at the Centre for Performing Arts Centre (CPAC) at Scots College. Attendees can drop in during the day to take part in sessions that will start each hour on the hour.
The workshops will be based around the global ‘Hour of Code’ format which provides an easy introduction to computer programming for anyone wanting to learn a little about how computers work. In addition to learning some simple programming concepts participants will also have a chance to do exercises with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Makey Makey devices.The event is part of a series of international events being put on around the globe as part of Computer Science Education Week.
“Technology is changing rapidly and we want to make sure Wellingtonians of all ages are better prepared to be not just consumers of technology but creators as well” said Ben Wilde, Hack Miramar co-organiser.
The sessions are open to the public and to all ages from 6+, the only prerequisite is curiosity and a desire to learn something new.
“We need more kids excited about the idea of making smart things.”, said Lee Bennett, founder of the Wellington Makerspace Trust “we need more Kiwi innovators and this is a great way to get them started.”
The event is being made possible by the generous support of Scots College who have provided the use of the Graphics and Technology facilities housed within the school’s Creative and Performing and Arts Centre (CPAC).
“As a college we are committed to providing world class education for our students including opportunities to learn about technologies that will shape our future” said Graeme Yule, Headmaster of Scots College “We’re very happy to support this wider community initiative.”
More information can be found at www.hackmiramar.org/hour-of-code