New Zealand Fringe Festival

by librarykris on February 12, 2015

The New Zealand Fringe Festival Fringe Festival 20 February - 14 Marchis coming at you with their 25th year of exciting, frightening, amazing, and puzzling works. As well as local artists there are 39 out-of-town acts bringing their stuff to Wellington. Prices are mostly under the $25 mark but the smart choice is to buy an Addict card. It’s only $15 and it will get you cheaper tickets plus extra deals during the festival.

I love the Fringe Festival for their ‘anything goes’ attitude. Theatre, dance, comedy, film, music and visual arts share programme space with podcasts, cabaret, puppets, writing, improvisation, spoken word, and online. There’s even an intriguing category simply called “Other”. The festival is a great opportunity to see artists at all stages of their creating process. From the very beginning through development showings to a final polished work. You may even be inspired to make your own work next year…

Happy 25 years Fringe!


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