Stutterpop written and performed by Sam Brooks is entertaining mixture of lipsyncing and storytelling which explores Brooks’ love life, and his love for life. He walks onto the stage looking fabulous in a long hooded cape. It’s whipped off to reveal a glittery top and sparkling heels leaving him looking a little like classic Eddie Izzard. Brooks has lived, and will live with, a stutter all his life. He tells us there is no cure for stuttering only self management. The quest to fix it is interwoven with tales of crushes and boyfriends – along with the appropriate musical interlude.

From the enthusiastic dance support by Bronte Fitzgibbon and Jake Brown, to the lighting operated by Uther Dean, to the interactions between Timer Adam Ogle and Brooks, and the commands issued by Brooks to Guest Performer Jonny Potts it’s clear that all involved like each other. This wouldn’t usually matter but given the biographical focus of the show it allows the audience to settle into the performance. Instead of being awkward, Brooks’ stutter is fascinating.

Compelling writing edges out the lipsyncing sequences for me. Watching Brooks stalk around while giving directions to Potts is at times hilarious and at others poignant. The most electric part of the show comes near the end when Brooks stands in the audience to watch along with the audience. Marvellous.

Please note: the Guest Performer changes each night.