A Man and a Woman meet. There’s definitely something between them that both would like to explore further… but his girlfriend shows up. They run into each other again. But she’s trying to make it work with someone and he’s got a different girlfriend. Through comedy and tragedy they keep meeting each other. Will they ever be able to work something out?

Lyndee-Jane Rutherford directs a charming cast who make the most of Pip Hall’s clever and funny script. Renee Lyons is the star of the show as (the unnamed) Woman. There’s a whiff of Manic Pixie Dream Girl about her as she plays a range of emotions throughout the show managing to convince us each one is authentic. She is brilliantly comic in one particular scene. Richard Dey is (the unnamed) Man. He plays his character as smugly self-contained until one scene where he is able to let his emotions loose.  It is a nice contrast and beautifully affecting. They are superbly supported by Amy Usherwood and Jack Buchanan who play all the other characters.

AV Design by Jonathan Harris provide some laughs as the actors transition Ian Harman’s set from one scene to another. Harman’s costumes are excellent at highlighting character while providing distinctive looks for each scene. Lighting design by Marcus McShane and sound design Rutherford and Deb McGuire round out the excellent production values.

Truly delightful.

  • Ache by Pip Hall, directed by Lyndee-Jane Rutherford on at Circa Theatre to 21 November 2015