Perry is the only child of two loving and hard-working parents. She’s inquisitive, enthusiastic and overwhelmed with after-school activities. When an opportunity comes up for her to spend more time in the home with her Gran (instead of tennis) she jumps at it. Over the year as Perry gets to know her Gran and the other residents she starts to create a book just for them.

The script adapted by Jane Waddell is based on a book by Kate de Goldi. Waddell has managed to pick out the essential parts of the story although sometimes it can feel a bit episodic. (This is probably more a reflection of the year the book covers rather than the adaption process.)

Lauren Gibson is excellent as Perry. She’s got the right level of cheeky along with a lovely open manner on stage. Her parents (played by Amy Tarleton and Nick Dunbar who also double as other characters) are on point conveying a slightly distracted air balanced with small physical interactions that indicate parental love. Along with Tarleton and Dunbar, Michele Amas and Simon Leary double as other characters ranging from a small child to people in the rest home.  Sometimes this is quite a fast process so well done for making each character feel different. Ginette MacDonald plays Gran (Honora Lee) with a distracted and mischievous air.

A lovely play exploring the connections that can develop between children and older people.


  • The ACB with Honora Lee, by Kate De Goldi, adapted and directed by Jane Waddell, on at Circa Theatre to 26 March 2016.