From the makers of Hook, Line & Sinker and Taking the Waewae Express comes a new female-centred story rich in drama and emotion. Two first time mothers, Bunny (Miriama McDowell) and Aila (Renee Lyons) end up sharing a room in a post-natal ward after the birth of their babies. A precarious friendship develops between them as they face the challenges of new motherhood. They must also confront their pasts and the truth of the paternity of their newborn babies. Babies and absent fathers, opera and drag racing, gardening and Schubert, The great maiden’s blush is a story of friendship, forgiveness and the redemptive power of truth.

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Written & directed by Andrea Bosshard & Shane Loader; featuring Miriama McDowell & Renee Lyons.

  • The great maiden’s blush premieres today at 7.30pm at the Embassy Theatre, in cinemas from 5 May.