Silo Theatre is bringing last year’s Auckland festive hit “Hudson and Halls” to the Hannah Playhouse. I’ve heard positive reviews from my Auckland friends and I’m so looking forward to seeing it when it’s down here.

Peter Hudson and David Halls were on New Zealand television from 1976-1986 with a cooking show that included camp humour and a bit of slapstick. Kip Chapman, director, co-creator and actor, says “The audience don’t need to know anything about Peter and David to have a great night. If you do want to learn more there is a hilarious episode of their show on NZ on Screen.

We’re really excited by the team who make Hudson and Halls. This year I’m playing Peter Hudson, the role my husband [Todd Emerson] played in the original Auckland season as he’s unavailable this time round. Chris Parker, who is one of New Zealand’s best improvisers and performers, is playing David Halls and Anya Tate-Manning is playing the floor manager, Ngaire Watkins. When Todd and I started thinking about Hudson & Halls we very quickly realised it had all the right elements to make a really great piece of theatre. We could create a 1980’s television studio right there in the theatre and have live cooking onstage. Their personalities were certainly theatrical enough. We also wanted to celebrate these wonderful men and keep the memory of them alive.”

Come along for “Live cooking, a surprise musical performance, lots of laughs and perhaps even a few tears.” (And a peach bellini or few.)

  • Silo Theatre’s production of ‘Hudson and Halls Live!’ runs from 16 Nov – 10 Dec at Hannah Playhouse. Tickets and more info from