After her Grandma’s death a woman is tasked with cleaning out the basement of her house. As she sifts through what seems like every single thing her Grandma ever owned she discovers a tape recorder. Then she finds a box of tapes – some of which work, and some which don’t. As she listens to the recordings we are drawn along with her into a mysterious story uncovering memories and secrets.

This is a devised production with a story by Stella Reid (also acting), Jane Yonge (also direction), Oliver Morse (also space) and Thomas Lambert (also sound). Joined by Jason Longstaff (lighting) they’ve created a spooky little tale which is very satisfying. Reid is a bright and engaging performer. She dances, tries on clothes, talks to her mum on the phone, and is very easy to empathise with. There’s a brief encounter with a pizza delivery man but otherwise she’s alone with the disembodied voice of her Grandma. This voice is scratchy, uncertain yet powerful, and it’s made even more so by the way it’s thrown around the space. It echoes and bounces around the audience. The sound is complimented by the lighting. Lights flick on, ripple through the space, then focus attention on the recorder. The almost uncomfortably warm space added to the atmosphere.

An excellent start to my Fringe 2017.



Yay! The Fringe Festival is back! Three weeks of shows, exhibitions, experiences, and podcasts around Wellington city. The Fringe team are camped out at Bond street if you need help picking shows. They recommend you go to at least three – “One you know you’ll love, one that’s going to be the “Next Big Thing” and one that you will talk about FOREVER.” I recommend picking up a Fringe addict card which gets you a discount on tickets plus drinks deals at Fringe venues. Happy festival!