A monologue of self discovery from a genderqueer, kinky, femmesexual, polyminded, gay-divorcee.

From the opening sequence through to the end, this well constructed show fulfills the programme promise that “by the end of this show you will know more about me than most people care to learn and hopefully something about yourself.” Through seven pivotal life events performer Ren (as Michelle/Ryan) is charmingly and heartbreakingly open about the ongoing evolution of their identity. Clothes, education, sex, relationships, sex – nothing is left out of this storytelling event. Some things are described with musical instruments, some with props but mostly it is Ren alone on the stage with only their expressive voice and body to illustrate the story. Their story will resonate with anyone who has an identity different to the one they (or their family) thought they’d have.

Ze is a confrontation of the labels society has constructed for us as well as a reminder and a call to participate in the rainbow community that we, as diverse people, are already a part of. To be visible during Wellington Pride in order to celebrate our authentic selves. Tautoko.

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