You possibly couldn’t get more Wellington than heading to the theatre, regardless of the weather, to watch a musical about politics. Last week, I went along to Destination Beehive: 2017, written by the clever and witty duo of Lorae Parry and Pinky Agnew.

The seat of Tinakori Heights is highly contended this election as every party has a candidate standing, but who will take it out? With MPs trying to appeal to the youths, swooning over Seymour, causing a kerfuffle over coalitions and feeling weaken by Winston’s swagger… you’ll be in fits of laughter as you get to know each candidate through song and dance.

There are plenty of familiar faces too –  you’ll be taking a second glace as the actors and actresses pull off some extremely convincing impressions. I personally was the most convinced by the Helen Clark and Grant Robertson impressions.

The show has slick scene and costume changes, simple and effective lighting, fantastic one-liners, unexpected plot twists, and catchy, toe-tapping tunes. I was keen to get my hands on a script – mainly so I could learn the Seymour serenade song and the National Party rap. Obviously.

If you feel like you need some reprieve from the current goings on in politics, Destination Beehive: 2017 probably won’t give you that. But you’ll walk out of the theatre still laughing and possibly wishing that some of the genius script does actually come true this election. Go see it!

Destination Beehive:2017

On until 5 August at Circa Theatre

By Lorae Parry and Pinky Agnew

Directed by: Jan Bolwell