The world’s most famous boy band, FourEver, is nearly ready to take the stage for their only New Zealand show. All that stands in their way is each other, their fans, the media, and the ghosts of their dodgy past.”

Stella Reid directs this Young & Hungry play by Finnius Teppett. In her Director’s note she describes the production as a “high-camp, glamorous, hour-long Vine compilation”. It’s pleasing to see young actors commit to their characters and look like they’re having fun on stage and it’s a goddamn delight to see them be confident enough to play with the audience.

Pauline Ward – as journalist Lisa Lubgrub looking for the scoop that will make her career – brings a great physical energy to her character. The three members of FourEver – played by Ben Ashby, Jacob Brown and Oliver Pol – show just the right mix of bickering and support for each other as their alliances and motives change throughout the play. Trae Te Wiki  – as the ambiguous Mimi – is perfectly a mean girl pretending to be nice. Ethan Morse and Jacinta Compton – two lucky FourEver fans, M1 and M2 – navigate the shifting relationship of their characters with great skill.

Costume designer Natasha Thyne keeps things straightforward and uses textured fabrics to create contrast. Isadora Lao’s set and lighting design adds visual depth. In tandem with Patrick Barnes’ sound design Lao’s lighting plays a key part in helping the audience interpret what is happening on stage.

Madcap fun.

NB: This is one of the three plays on at BATS Theatre as part of the Young and Hungry festival. It’s possible to get a discounted season pass to all three so I recommend this option if you have the time.