World famous fashion stylist Margot Von Dont has returned to New Zealand with life and style advice for us. We’re upstairs above Leroy’s Bar with a small stage that resembles a talk show set. There are clothes hung on racks and spilling out of suitcases. The show starts with an announcement that’s not usually heard in a theatre but is typical for a business meeting in an unfamiliar space.Then Margot (Sasha Tilly) appears from the stairwell. She’s wearing a mustard dress, pink check coat, and orange fashion turban and looks fabulous. As Margot tells us about her life and what she’s been up to we get the sense that she has fallen on some very difficult times. There is some audience interaction and yes, some dressing up. (Pay attention to Margot’s rules as there may be a quiz.) As Margot’s layers peel away we get closer to the truth of her situation until finally, everything is revealed. Lovely and fun.

You can also find Margot (and her rules) on Instagram.